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Mondspiele Poster Thrillfest 2010

In fall 2010 I finally gathered the guts to pull off my very first narrative short. The whole tour de force that is, from a real script (six pages), rehearsals (mainly our main talent practising to put the contact lenses in) and location scouting (»yes, it’s really got to be your place!«) to gathering an experienced crew (»believe me, you do need gloves for the 800 watt.«) and surviving the nerve-wrecking shoot (more than 30 hours on two days) and the even more nerve-wrecking post-production (»oups – looks like we missed to shoot the reverse…«).
To put it short, this little piece was the best fun in years (sort of):

just from the old days

Recently some friends of mine rediscovered some of my old guitar-driven gothic rock tracks and were eager to give me the thumbs up.
(That’s part of what friends are for, right?)

These songs are about ten years old and stem from a time when I had about one tenth of the technical possibilities I have now. And at the same time about ten times the creative output. I guess most of you know what I mean.

Just to get (dark) things rolling and for your and my own questionable pleasure:

Dresscode Naked – Snake Autumn Lady by fieberland

Dresscode Naked – Dreaming by fieberland